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Vietnam Meet Europe 2018 Conference Focuses on Free Trade Agreements

From:Join High (Xiamen) Fiber Tech Co., LTD     Release time:2018-06-06

Overview: Vietnam Meet Europe 2018 Conference Focuses on Free Trade Agreements

The Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other units held the "Meet Europe 2018" conference in Hanoi on May 25 (2018). Participants focused on discussions to strengthen the cooperation between the two parties, especially how to make good use of the freedom of the European Union (EU) signed at the end of this year. Trade agreement to promote economic and trade cooperation between the two sides.

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Nhun Chun Fu, officials from relevant departments such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Angelet, head of the European delegation to Vietnam, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, European Union Embassies and non-governmental organizations in Vietnam and other representatives and scholars participated in this one-day event at Melia Hotel. Grand meeting.

Participants at the meeting highly affirmed the positive development of the cooperative relationship between Vietnam and the EU. In particular, since the signing of the Comprehensive Partnership Framework Agreement in 2012, bilateral relations have developed in depth. The EU is currently the largest party to provide aid to Vietnam, and is Vietnam's second largest trading partner and one of the largest sources of investment.

Participants said that Vietnam and the European Union expect to sign the Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) at the end of this year, which is expected to bring huge business opportunities to the economic and trade cooperation between the two sides and inject new impetus into the cooperation opportunities for the two sides to develop each other’s markets and create more investment and operations.

Vietnamese officials said that the Vietnamese government will continue to improve the business environment and create facilities for European and foreign businesses to produce and operate in Vietnam, and encourage European companies to enter or expand investment activities in Vietnam.

Anglet said that the Vietnam-EU free trade agreement is expected to be signed by the end of this year. The two sides should adopt necessary adjustments and reforms to create a convenient environment for the signing and implementation of the agreement.

Vietnam and the EU launched negotiations on the free trade agreement in 2012. After 14 rounds of negotiations, both parties announced an agreement at the end of 2015.

According to the agreement, Vietnam and the EU will open up many products for import, especially textiles, footwear, agricultural products and wood products in Vietnam, as well as EU machinery products, locomotives, automobiles, alcoholic beverages and agricultural products. The liberalization rate of goods trade between the two sides is as high as 99%.

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