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Working with worsted-weight yarn

From:Join High (Xiamen) Fiber Tech Co., LTD     Release time:2018-07-11

Overview: Worsted weight yarn is probably your BFF in knitting and crocheting. In fact, if worsted weight yarn were a wrestler, it would be the middle-weight champion.

  Working with worsted-weight yarn

  Worsted-weight yarn falls into the medium-weight category as defined by the   Craft Yarn Council of America. Sometimes when shopping for worsted-weight yarn,   you’ll find a symbol with the number 4 on the label that matches the Craft Yarn   Council’s weight system symbol.

  There are no limitations to what type of worsted-weight yarn you can knit   with. You can find worsted-weight synthetic yarn, like Cascade Cherub yarn   that’s made from nylon and acrylic. 

  I love using worsted-weight yarn when I’m testing a new stitch or learning   a new technique because the weight makes it easy to work with while also showing   me the stitch definition. Use a lighter-colored worsted-weight yarn if you’re   trying something new so that if you make a mistake, you’ll be able to easily see   it.

  Most worsted-weight yarns, like any other yarn weight, can easily be   substituted for another worsted-weight yarn. And because worsted-weight is such   a popular yarn, you’ll have plenty of substitution options to choose from!

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