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Mixed color yarn process

From:Join High (Xiamen) Fiber Tech Co., LTD     Release time:2018-07-19

Overview: Fun and funky variegated multi-colored knitting yarns to liven up your projects! A full range of weights and shades, with solid and variegated yarns.

Mixed color yarn process

cotton mixed color yarn

(combing, combing, color 2-4 colors)

Carded mixed yarn:

Raw cotton dyeing - blending cotton (proportional) - opening cotton - carding - heading - two draws - roving - spun yarn - winding

Combed mixed yarn:

Raw cotton dyeing-mixed cotton (proportional)-opening cotton-carding-pre-adhesive-rolling-combing-combing head and combing-combining-roving-spun yarn-winding

Process points: It can be separately rolled, striped, combed and mixed into a mixed color yarn when it is drawn. It can also be a new process of carding or small roll dyeing.

Polyester and cotton mixed yarn

(65:35, 50:50)

Mixed cotton (cotton is blended with natural polyester and colored polyester in proportion, wherein the proportion of colored polyester is between 15-30%) - open cotton - carding - heading - two draws - roving - spun yarn - winding

Process points: When the ratio of mixed color to polyester is high, a secondary mixing method can be adopted, and the cotton and polyester are separately opened and cleaned, that is, the color polyester and white polyester are separately opened and cleaned by carding, and the natural cotton is separately combed. And then mix and match on the draw frame.

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