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  • cool feeling nylon yarn
    cool feeling nylon yarn Permanent Ice Yarn Nylon Filament cool feeling nylon yarn Feature: Good strength, good elasticity, good wear resistance, good yarn evenness, no broken filament, anti-pilling, moisture absorbent,anti-bacteria, good dyeing property,good alkali resistance, good fatigue durability. View Details
  • Far-infrared Nylon yarn
    Far-infrared Nylon yarn far-infrared heating functional high quality nylon yarn Feature: 1.Improving microcirculation. 2.Antibacterial effec,thermal insulation. 3.Promotes metabolism,analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. View Details
  • Copper ions anti-bacterial nylon yarn
    Copper ions anti-bacterial nylon yarn Copper Ions anti-bacterial nylon yarn Application: A new type of functional wound dressing, applied in high value-added medical textiles; Also in health-care underwears, odour-free socks, home textiles,mattress,bed sheets, golf apparels,pillow,sportswear,yoga clothing and etc. View Details
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